Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Wackness

With two deadlines looming over me, both due in on the same week, I have been trying my best to avoid doing work by any means necessary. I came across a film called ‘The Wackness’ and had a quick look on IMDb to make sure I wasn’t about to waste one and a half hours of my life.

The first line of the overview read ‘It’s the summer of 1994, and the streets of New York are pulsing with hip-hop.’ I love the decade, and the prospect of an amazing 90s hip-hop soundtrack along with the fact that the legend that is Ben Kingsley was one of the main actors was a winning combination. If you haven’t seen ‘Gandhi’, now is the time.  

Basically, lonely teenager Luke Shapiro spends his last summer before college selling a crazy amount of weed to people from an ice cream cart. Falls in love, out of love, and makes friends with his fucked up shrink. Pretty typical story for the most part but an enjoyable watch none the less.

This films saving grace for me fashion wise came in the form of drugged up hippy Union, played by Mary-Kate Olsen. Union’s style in the film consists of crazy amounts of necklaces, fluid chiffon patterned dresses and the best hair I have ever seen in my life. To say I would like to have that hair is an understatement.

Over all the best part of the movie was the soundtrack, which included the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, and The Notorious B.I.G. 

Bring on the summer!
Velvet x

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