Monday, 19 March 2012

Dr. Martens: Keeping It Classic

As I have said in previous posts I am in love with my Dr. Martens. I own a classic black, eight eyelet pair and I wear them with everything, come rain or sun. Ever since I got them on Christmas Morning 2011, there has been a maximum of two days where I have left the house without them. That’s dedication for you.

Anyway, the real reason I’m gushing about my best pals is because, thanks to Twitter, I now know that there is a Dr. Marten warehouse sale being held in Spitalfields on the 24th and 25th of March. All shoes and boots only £25!!! I may have an aneurysm on arrival, I'm THAT excited.

 I shall write a blog post about it when I return, as happy as Larry with at least two new pairs. I’m thinking something garish and wonderfully offensive like this:

One of the things that has been rubbing me up the wrong way recently are the new styles of Dr. Martens that have been sweeping the nation. Florals and needlepoint?!? I mean I don't HATE the pastels trend that’s happening right now with Docs but not flowers! It’s like putting a tutu on a rottweiler or something. Just not right. I think that Dr. Martens should be kept classic, tough and simple.

I will firmly be sticking to black or ox blood eight eyelet boots with a constant smear of dirt on the toe. Heaven.  

Velvet x

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