Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Scotch On The Rocks

Cross Headband (worn as necklace): Topshop
Tartan Cape: Vintage
Shirt: My Housemates
Fur Collar: ASOS
Trousers: H&M
Boots: Dr Martens

The good thing about living with 3 other Fashion Journalism student is that there are always plenty of opportunities to borrow beautiful clothes. This will no doubt be confirmed in many future posts. The shirt I am wearing here was a mere £1, discovered by my house mate Trudie whilst on a clothes sourcing trip to London (Why wasn't I there?!) and its to die for. 

I have fallen into the habit of wearing my Topshop cross headband as a necklace with any outfit, especially under shirt collars. Its one of them purchases that I seriously regretted at first as it has been proven many a time that I look hideous in headbands, thank god it has been given a second chance at life by becoming my favourite piece of neck ware. 

I should finish with saying that it is quite unlikely that I will have anything on my feet other than my Dr Martens until at least mid spring. Pretty sure I'm addicted.

Velvet x

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